Interested in joining the Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium?


The Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium (UTIC) is now welcoming organizations to become members of the growing national community of technology practitioners who are part of the rich undersea and maritime technology domain responding to the needs of national security and defense. UTIC members work collaboratively with the US Government to develop and transition innovative undersea and maritime technologies to meet critical needs of our country, our allies and most importantly the men and women who defend our nation.  

The Consortium represents a united undersea and maritime industry voice, breaking down barriers to growth by identifying and integrating undersea and maritime technology resources and opportunities, and providing the innovation environment to collaborate on innovative solutions. Our strong and cohesive undersea and maritime community provides Consortium members the opportunity to identify and advance technologies that can rapidly and affordably integrate into government mission areas. This ultimately results in the innovative growth of the domain, establishing our maritime and undersea members as a recognized national resource, and enhancing long term prospects for continued growth and vitality of our national undersea and maritime technology community.

The Consortium welcomes academia, large and small businesses including traditional or non-traditional defense contractors, and not-for-profit entities.  Through the Consortium our members pursue and perform R&D prototyping efforts in undersea and maritime technology areas cited in NUWC’s Other Transaction Authority Agreement for Undersea Technology Innovation.  Together we coalesce, strengthen and grow the undersea and maritime technology domain, resulting in expanded business opportunities with current customers as well as new market potential with current and future government customers. 

“There could be no better place than the Ocean State to host a national hub for the development of cutting-edge undersea technology. Thanks to SENEDIA and its Rhode Island partners for their commitment to excellence in this area. Your work will keep Rhode Island at the forefront of maritime innovation."
U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
“I want to ensure Rhode Island remains at the forefront of undersea technology and this new center has the potential to bring top naval suppliers together with academic and government leaders to develop cutting-edge capabilities, concepts, and technologies for our forces. The Undersea Technology Innovation Center can also give Rhode Island companies a platform to collaborate and showcase their work,”
U.S. Senator Jack Reed
Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee
"As the Brookings report noted, our maritime sector is one of the Rhode Island economy’s true strengths, a competitive advantage, and an industry growth area that we should continue to invest in...The Undersea Technology Innovation Center is an exciting and very promising development for Rhode Island defense industry employers and the prospect of creating high-value, high-wage STEM jobs.”
”Gina M. Raimondo“
Governor of Rhode Island
"Between our geographic advantage and the tremendous public and private resources we already possess in the national security and defense realms, Rhode Island is perfectly positioned to emerge as a leader in undersea technology and innovation."
Congressman Jim Langevin
Senior member of the House Armed Services Committee
who sits on the Seapower and Projection Forces subcommittee