Building a national community of resources and relationships to accelerate undersea and maritime technology innovation

UTIC welcomes 195+ new members from across the country, specializing in undersea and maritime technology. Visit our Member Listing page for our growing list of members!

On Nov 2018, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense            for Acquisition and Sustainment published Version 1.0, Other Transactions Guide. View here: <Other Transactions (OT) Guide Nov 2018>.

The Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium (UTIC) was established to identify and unify national resources to more fully leverage the concentration, breadth and depth of technologies engaged across the undersea and maritime technology domain. UTIC is a national consortium of members – manufacturers, small companies, large contractors, suppliers, academia, non-profits, and non-traditional technology companies, who wish to work collaboratively with the US Government to develop undersea and maritime technologies for challenges related to defense, security and protection. UTIC represents the great wealth of skill, talent and technologies that are or wish to be engaged in this specialized, highly complex environment.

UTIC leverages recognition and standing as a national resource in undersea and maritime technology, and facilitates cooperation and collaboration among the many participants in this technical community. We utilize the connectivity and reach across the wide variety of subject matter experts to encourage and enable innovation to happen – faster and easier. Together, we represent and access the best technologies to solve problems and develop solutions that achieve and maintain an international competitive edge in undersea and maritime defense technologies.

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