Call for Proposals for Participation in the 2019 Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX)

The FBO announcement for NUWC Division Newport Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) 2019 has been posted.  It can be found at: <Here>

NOTE:  All proposals are due by 30 NOVEMBER 2018.   

Summary Information:

Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport  announces a call for proposals to participate in the 2019 Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX). This year’s  event will be conducted as a collaboration between NUWC NPT and the Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance (SENEDIA), a Rhode Island nonprofit corporation.  Exercises will be conducted throughout the 2019 fiscal year, with specific dates and venues to be coordinated with the individual participant(s), and a culminating exercise showcase event will be held during the week of 26 – 30 August  2019 in Newport, RI.  All participants who conduct exercises, regardless of execution date, will be invited to showcase their results at the culminating event.

ANTX is a recurring event that was created for the U.S. Navy to see the future of naval technology in action today.  Warfare Centers, other Navy commands, academic institutions, and industry are invited to showcase their technologies and capabilities during this event.  This event provides an opportunity to test autonomous systems (both in motion and at rest) and related technologies, while gaining access to the NBTF ranges, facilities, and people or the facilities and people of the CNMOC GOM operation area (OPAREA).  ANTX provides a low risk environment where scientists, engineers, and sailors can evaluate technological innovations at the research & development level before they become militarized and interfaced within Navy operations.

The theme for ANTX 2019 is “Prepare For Battle: Undersea Security” or “US 19” for short.  Key tasks include identifying science, technologies, and future concepts that explore and interact with the maritime domain, connecting assets from the seafloor to space and ensuring their security, in order to bring data home

Desired exercise construct, or capabilities that enable a portion there of:

  • Survey, analyze, and explore the maritime domain
  • Enhance the understanding of the operational environment using improved geophysical sensing capabilities
  • Locate, analyze, and identify relevant maritime domain features
  • Capabilities to install and maintain systems, from the seafloor to the ocean surface
  • Capabilities to work together with systems, from the seafloor to the ocean surface
  • Security of maritime assets
  • Monitoring, anticipating, recognizing, and responding to changes in the maritime domain
  • Securing and preserving maritime assets

Areas to be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Undersea Security warfighting concepts
  • Mobile, expeditionary, and fixed sensors (all domains and spectrums)
  • Ocean observing and surveying systems
  • Wide area search and surveillance
  • Change detection
  • Threat monitoring
  • Data analytics, fusion, and distribution
  • Security of maritime assets
  • Swimmer defense
  • Counter-Unmanned Systems (Counter-UxS)
  • Seafloor system emplacement, interaction, and maintenance
  • Underwater data and power transfer and generation
  • Unmanned and autonomous undersea vehicles
  • Tactical Decision Aids (TDAs)
  • Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) environments

Again this year the Commander, Navy Meteorology and Oceanography Command (CNMOC) is providing its Gulf of Mexico (GOM) location as a satellite operating venue opportunity for participants.  Participants may elect to conduct an in-water exercise either at CNMOC’s operating area near Stennis Space Center, MS or at NUWC’s Narragansett Bay Test Facility (NBTF) in Newport, RI.

Potential participants in this year’s ANTX event are asked to submit a proposal for participation by filling out the “ANTX 2019 Proposal Quad Chart”.  Please be sure to select which in-water execution location is preferred and the earliest date an exercise can be executed.  Multiple proposals (quads) may be submitted.  The intent is to select the most relevant and promising technology for Navy observation.  A panel of government subject matter experts will review each proposal and select exercise participants.  Selection criteria will include how the technology addresses the theme (value to the Navy), uniqueness of the technology (not likely to be duplicated elsewhere), confidence the technology will be available for the exercise, ability to execute at NBTF or GOM OPAREA and potential for collaboration with other participants (both government and non-government).