Member Listing

UTIC welcomes members of our growing undersea and maritime technology community (NT = Non-Traditional; T = Traditional):

Adolf Meller Co. (dba Meller Optics), Rhode Island (NT)

Advanced Acoustic Concepts, LLC, New York (T)

Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC, California (NT)

Advanced Systems/Supportability Engineering Technologies and Tools, Inc., Virginia (NT)

Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc., Alabama (T)

Aeronix Inc., Florida (NT)

Alion Science and Technology Corp, Illinois (T)

Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI), Massachusetts (NT)

Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC (Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems), Minnesota (T)

American Systems, Rhode Island (T)

AMETEK SCP, Rhode Island (T)

Analytical Graphics, Inc., Pennsylvania (NT)

ANDRO Computational Solutions, LLC, New York (NT)

Applied Mathematics, Inc., Connecticut (NT)

Applied Physical Sciences Corp (General Dynamics), Connecticut (NT)

Applied Research in Acoustics LLC (dba ARiA), Washington, DC (NT)

Applied Technical Systems, Inc., Washington (NT)

Aquabotix Technology Corp, Massachusetts (NT)

Ardalyst Federal LLC, Maryland (NT)

Arete Associates, California (NT)

Argon St, Inc. (a Boeing Company), Virginia (T)

Arnold Magnetic Technologies, New York (NT)

Asymmetric Technologies, Ohio (NT)

Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc. (ADS), Virginia (NT)

Atlas North America, LLC, Virginia (NT)

Attollo, LLC, Rhode Island (NT)

AVL Powertrain Engineering, Inc., Michigan (NT)

Azavea Inc., Pennsylvania (NT)

BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration, Inc., New Hampshire (T)

BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P., Minnesota (T)

BAE Systems Technology Solutions & Services, Inc., Maryland (T)

Bailey Tool & Mfg. Co., Texas, (NT)

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., Colorado (T)

Barber-Nichols Inc.,Colorado (NT)

Battelle Memorial Institute, Ohio (T)

Beck Engineering, Washington (T)

Biosonics, Inc., Washington (NT)

Blue Institute Labs (dba Blue Incubator, PBC), Massachusetts (NT)

Blue Ridge Envisioneering, Virginia (NT)

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., Virginia (T)

Boston Engineering Corp., Massachusetts (NT)

BoxBoat Technologies, Maryland (NT)

BTech Acoustics LLC, Rhode Island (NT)

C-2 Innovations Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Cambridge International Systems, Inc., Virginia (NT)

CAMX Power, LLC, Massachusetts (NT)

Cardinal Engineering LLC, Maryland (NT)

Careen Inc. (dba Windings Inc.), Minnesota (NT)

Carillon Technologies Management, Virginia (NT)

CeraNova Corporation, Massachusetts (NT)

Charles River Analytics Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc., Massachusetts (T)

Cisco Systems, Inc., California (NT)

Clear Carbons and Components, Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

CogniTech Corporation, Utah (NT)

Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc., Virginia (NT)

Consolidated Ocean Technologies, California (NT)

Contrast Inc., New Mexico (NT)

Corvid Technologies, LLC, North Carolina (NT)

Creare, LLC, New Hampshire (NT)

CSA Ocean Sciences, Inc., Florida (NT)

CUBRC, Inc., New York (T)

Cullen College of Engineering – University of Houston (TX)

Daniel Wagner Associates, Inc., Pennsylvania (NT)

DBV Technology, LLC, Rhode Island (NT)

Decisive Analytics Corporation, Virginia (NT)

Deepwater Buoyancy, Maine (NT)

Dive Technologies, Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

DLT Solutions, LLC, Virginia (NT)

DRS Laurel Technologies, Pennsylvania, (T)

DRS Power Technology Inc. (dba Leonardo DRS), Massachusetts (NT)

Dynexus Technology, Inc., CO (NT)

EaglePicher Technologies, Missouri (T)

ECI Defense Group, Tennessee (NT)

EdgeOne, LLC (dba EdgeTech), Florida (NT)

EDO Western Corp (Subsidiary of Harris Corp), Utah (T)

Electric Boat Corporation, Connecticut (T)

Electro Standards Laboratories, Rhode Island (NT)

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida (T)

Entanglement Research Institute, Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

EpiSys Science, Inc., California (NT)

Epsilon Systems Solutions, California (T)

Evans Capacitor Company, Rhode Island (NT)

EWA Government Systems, Virginia (NT)

Expedition Technology Inc., Virginia (NT)

Falmouth Scientific Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Fathom5 Corporation, Texas (NT)

FGS LLC, Maryland (NT)

G2 Ops Inc., Virginia (NT)

Gavial ITC, LLC, California (NT)

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems, California (T)

General Dynamics Mission Systems, Virginia (T)

General Research, New York (t)

Geodynamics LLC, North Carolina (NT)

Gibbs & Cox. Inc., Virginia (NT)

GK Mechanical Systems, Connecticut (NT)

Globe Composite Solutions, Ltd., Massachusetts (T)

Granite State Manufacturing, New Hampshire (NT)

Graphene Composites USA, Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Greensea Systems, Inc., Vermont (NT)

Gromelski & Associates, Inc., Virginia (NT)

Harris Corporation GCS, Florida (T)

Hexagon US Federal Inc, Alabama (NT)

HII Fleet Support Group LLC, (Huntington Ingalls Industries) , Virginia (T)

Hunter Mechanical Design, LLC, Massachusetts (NT)

Hydroid, Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

I Square Systems, LLC, Rhode Island (NT)

iArchimedes INC, Virginia (NT)

ICE ITS Inc., Virginia (T)

IERUS Technologies, Inc., Alabama (NT)

Immersion Consulting LLC, Maryland (NT)

In-Depth Engineering Corporation, Virginia (NT)

Innovative Defense Technologies, Virginia (NT)

Innoveering, LLC, New York (NT)

IO Marine Systems (ION Geophysical), Louisiana (NT)

iXblue Defense Systems, Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Joel Drake Consulting, LLC, California (NT)

JPAnalytics, LLC, Massachusetts (NT)

Klein Marine Systems, Inc., New Hampshire (T)

KMS Solutions, LLC, Virginia (NT)

L3 Adaptive Methods, Inc., Virginia (NT)

L3 Communication Systems – East, New Jersey, (T)

L3 MariPro, California (T)

L3 OceanServer, Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

L3 Open Water Power, Massachusetts (NT)

LBI, Inc., Connecticut (T)

Leidos, Inc, Virginia (T)

Liquid Robotics Inc., California (NT)

Lockheed Martin RMS. Virginia (T)

Lockheed Martin Sippican, Inc., Massachusetts (T)

Lyman Morse Boatbuilding, Maine (NT)

Lynntech, Inc., Texas (NT)

Makai Ocean Engineering, Hawaii (NT)

Manufacturing Techniques Inc., Virginia (NT)

Marine Acoustics, Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Marine Ventures International, Inc., Florida (NT)

Maritime Applied Physics Corporation, Maryland (NT)

Maritime Planning Associates, Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

McLaughlin Research Corporation, Connecticut (NT)

Measurement Analysis Corp., California (NT)

Metron, Inc., Virginia (T)

MI Technical Solutions, Virginia (NT)

Michigan Technological University, Michigan (T)

Microsoft Corporation, Washington (NT)

Mide Technology Corporation, Massachusetts (NT)

Mikel, Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Millennium Corp, Virginia (T)

Moebius Solutions, Inc., California (NT)

Montana State University, Montana (NT)

Moog Inc. Space & Defense Group, New York (T)

MSI Transducers Corp., Massachusetts (NT)

NAG, LLC (dba NAG Marine), Alabama (T)

Nautilus Defense, LLC, Rhode Island (NT)

Navatek, Ltd., Hawaii (NT)

Navmar Applied Sciences, Pennsylvania (NT)

NCS Technologies, Virginia (NT)

NortekUSA, Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Northern Defense Industries, LLC, California (NT)

Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, Maryland (T)

Nova Power Solutions, Inc., Virginia (NT)

Numurus. LLC, Washington (NT)

Ocean Acoustical Services (OASIS), Massachusetts (NT)

Ocean Specialists, Inc., Florida (NT)

Oceaneering International, Inc., Maryland (T)

Offset Strategic Services, Alabama (NT)

Olis Robotics (BluHaptics, Inc), Washington (NT)

ORBIS Sibro, Inc., South Carolina (NT)

Ordnance Technology Service, Inc., Ohio (NT)

Pacific Engineering Inc., Nebraska (NT)

Parker Hannifin Corporation, Ohio (NT)

PCCI, Inc., Virginia (NT)

Peregrine Technical Solutions LLC, Virginia (NT)

Persistent Systems, LLC, New York (NT)

Phelps2020, Inc., Tennessee (T)

Phoenix International Holdings, Inc., Maryland (T)

Photonic Systems Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Physical Optics Corp., California (NT)

Physical Sciences Inc., Massachusetts (T)

Planck Aerosystems, Inc., California (NT)

Polaris Contract Manufacturing, Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

PowerDocks, LLC, Massachusetts (NT)

Presco, Inc., Connecticut (NT)

Product Development Associates, Minnesota (T)

Progeny Systems Corporation, Virginia (NT)

Prometheus, Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

PURVIS Systems Incorporated, Rhode Island (NT)

QinetiQ North America, Massachusetts (NT)

QorTek, Inc., Pennsylvania (NT)

QUASAR Federal Systems, Inc., California (NT)

R&D Technologies Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Radiance Technologies, Inc., Alabama (T)

Raytheon BBN Technologies Group, Massachusetts (T)

Raytheon IDS, Rhode Island (T)

Raytheon Missile Systems, Arizona(T)

RCT Systems, Inc., Maryland (NT)

Red River Technology LLC, New Hampshire (NT)

Remote Sensing Solutions, Massachusetts (NT)

Research Associates of Syracuse, Inc., New York (NT)

Ride, Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Riptide Autonomous Solutions, Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Rite Solutions, Inc., Connecticut (NT)

RPI Group, Virginia (NT)

SA Photonics, Inc, California (NT)

Saab Defense and Security USA, New York (T)

Saft America Inc., Maryland (T)

SCI Technology, Inc., Alabama (T)

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Virginia (T)

Scientific Solutions, Inc., New Hampshire (T)

Scientific Systems Co. Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Sea Machines Robotics Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

SeaRobotics, Inc., Florida (NT)

SeaTrac Systems, Inc., Massachusetts, (NT)

Sechan Electronics, Inc., Pennsylvania (NT)

Sellers and Associates, Virginia (T)

Sierra Nevada Corp, Nevada (T)

Signal Systems Corp, Maryland (NT)

Soar Technology, Inc., Michigan (NT)

Solute Inc., California, (NT)

Sonalysts, Inc., Connecticut (T)

Sonardyne Inc., Texas (NT)

Sparton Deleon Springs LLC, Florida (T)

Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc., Virginia (NT)

SRC, Inc., New York (T)

Submergence Group, LLC, Connecticut (NT)

SubSeaSail LLC, California (NT)

Syntonics LLC, Maryland (T)

Systems & Technology Research (STR), LLC, Massachusetts(NT)

Systems Engineering Associates Corp (dba SEA CORP), Rhode Island (NT)

Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc., Virginia (T)

Systima Technologies, Inc., Washington (NT)

Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers, LLC, Florida (NT)

Tech Resources, Inc., New Hampshire (NT)

Technical Systems Integration, Inc., Virginia (NT)

Teledyne Benthos, Massachusetts (NT)

Teledyne Brown Engineering, Alabama (T)

Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc., Texas (NT)

ThayerMahan Inc., Connecticut (NT)

The AEgis Technologies Group, Inc., Alabama (NT)

The Ascendancy Group, Virginia (NT)

The Metamorphosis Group, Inc., Virginia (NT)

Thornton Tomasetti, Inc., Washington, D.C. (NT)

Torch Technologies, Inc., Alabama (NT)

Toyon Research Corporation, California (NT)

Transtecs Corporation, Virginia (NT)

Trident Research LLC, Texas (NT)

Triton Systems, Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Triumph Enterprises, Inc., Virginia (NT)

Truston Technologies, Maryland (NT)

Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

UnderSea Sensor Systems, Inc. (USSI), Indiana (T)

University of California San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, California (T)

University of Florida, Florida (NT)

University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island (NT)

University of South Carolina, South Carolina (NT)

University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi (T)

URSA Inc., New Hampshire (NT)

VACCO Industries, California (T)

Vencore Labs Inc. (dba Perspecta), New Jersey (T)

Viasat Inc., California (T)

Visionary Products Inc. (dba VPI Technologies), Utah (NT)

VSolvit LLC, California (NT)

Welkins, LLC, Illinois (NT)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (NT)

World Wide Technology, Missouri (NT)

W R Systems, Ltd., Virginia (NT)

WWM Solutions LLC, Washington, DC (NT)

Xilectric Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

XST Inc., California, (NT)

ZAF Energy Systems, Montana, (NT)