Member Listing

UTIC welcomes members of our growing undersea and maritime technology community (NT = Non-Traditional; T = Traditional):

Advanced Acoustic Concepts, LLC, New York (T)

Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC, California (NT)

Advanced Systems/Supportability Engineering Technologies and Tools, Inc., Virginia (NT)

Aegis Power Systems Inc., North Carolina (NT)

Aerojet Rocketdyne Inc., Alabama (T)

Aeronix Inc., Florida (NT)

Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC (Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems), Minnesota (T)

Altron, South Carolina (T)

Amentum Services Inc., Maryland (T)

Anduril Industries Inc., California (NT)

Applied Physical Sciences Corp (General Dynamics), Connecticut (NT)

Applied Research Associates, Inc., New Mexico (T)

Applied Research in Acoustics LLC (dba ARiA), Washington, DC (NT)

Applied Technical Systems Inc., Washington (NT)

Arete Associates, California (NT)

Arnold Magnetic Technologies, New York (NT)

Art Anderson Associates, Inc., Washington (NT)

Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc. (ADS), Virginia (NT)

BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration, Inc., New Hampshire (T)

BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P., Minnesota (T)

Baker Manufacturing, Inc, Washington (T)

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., Colorado (T)

Barber-Nichols Inc., Colorado (NT)

Basic Engineering Concepts and Technologies, Inc., Virginia (T)

Battelle Memorial Institute, Ohio (T)

Blue Institute Labs, PBC, Massachusetts (NT)

Blue Ridge Envisioneering, Virginia (NT)

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., Virginia (T)

Boston Engineering Corp., Massachusetts (NT)

Boston Fusion Corp., Massachusetts (NT)

C-2 Innovations Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

CAMX Power, LLC, Massachusetts (NT)

Cardinal Engineering LLC, Maryland (NT)

Cardinal Point Captains Inc., California (T)

Careen Inc. (dba Windings Inc.), Minnesota (NT)

Cesium GS, Inc. Pennsylvania (NT)

Charles River Analytics Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Cisco Systems Inc., California (NT)

Columbia Power Technologies Inc., Virginia (T)

Commonwealth Computer Research Inc., Virginia (NT)

Composite Energy Technologies, Rhode Island (NT)

Consolidated Ocean Technologies, California (NT)

Constellation Software Engineering, Corp. dba CS Engineering, Maryland (NT)

Corvid Technologies, LLC, North Carolina (NT)

Creare, LLC, New Hampshire (NT)

Critical Prism Defense LLC, Massachusetts (NT)

CUBRC Inc., New York (T)

Curtiss-Wright Electro-Mechanical Corporation, Pennsylvania (T)

Custom Materials, Ohio (NT)

Customer First Corporation, Rhode Island (NT)

Cynnovative, LLC, Virginia (T)

Daniel Wagner Associates Inc., Pennsylvania (NT)

DataRobot Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

DBV Technology, LLC, Rhode Island (NT)

Decisive Analytics Corporation, Virginia (NT)

Deloitte Consulting LLP, Virginia (T)

Dive Technologies Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

DRS Laurel Technologies, Pennsylvania, (T)

DRS Power Technology Inc. (dba Leonardo DRS), Massachusetts (NT)

EaglePicher Technologies, Missouri (T)

ECI Defense Group, Tennessee (NT)

Edge Case Research Inc., Pennsylvania (T)

EDO Western Corp (Subsidiary of Harris Corp), Utah (T)

EFW Inc., Texas (T)

Electric Boat Corporation, Connecticut (T)

Electro Standards Laboratories, Rhode Island (NT)

Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc., Virginia (NT)

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida (T)

Ensign Bickerford Aerospace & Defense, Connecticut  (T)

EpiSys Science Inc., California (T)

Epsilon Systems Solutions, California (T)

Evans Capacitor Company, Rhode Island (NT)

Fairbanks Morse LLC, Wisconsin (T)

Fathom5 Corporation, Texas (NT)

Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees , Florida (T)

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems, California (T)

General Dynamics Mission Systems, Virginia (T)

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Florida (T)

General Dynamics OTS (Aerospace), Inc., Washington (NT)

Geodynamics LLC, North Carolina (NT)

GIRD Systems Inc., Ohio (NT)

GK Mechanical Systems, Connecticut (NT)

Globe Composites, Massachusetts (T)

Granite State Manufacturing, New Hampshire (NT)

Graphene Composites USA Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Greensea Systems Inc., Vermont (NT)

Greystone Consulting Group LLC, District of Columbia (NT)

Gromelski & Associates Inc., Virginia (NT)

HALO Maritime Defense Systems Inc., New Hampshire (NT)4ProtectWebSite1!

Hefring Engineering, Massachusetts (NT)

HII Unmanned Systems, Virginia (NT)

Hybrid Design Services Inc., Michigan (NT)

Hydroacoustics Inc., New York (NT)

iArchimedes INC, Virginia (NT)

IERUS Technologies Inc., Alabama (NT)

Image Acoustics Inc., Massachusetts (T)

Immersion Consulting LLC, Maryland (NT)

In-Depth Engineering Corporation, Virginia (NT)

Innovative Defense Technologies, Virginia (NT)

Intellisense Systems Inc., California (NT)

IT Mentor Group Inc, California (T)

iXblue Defense Systems Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

JPAnalytics, LLC, Massachusetts (NT)

Kenautics Inc., California (NT)

Kern Technology Group LLC, Virginia (NT)

Klein Marine Systems Inc., New Hampshire (T)

KMS Solutions LLC, Virginia (NT)

Kord Technologies LLC, Alabama (NT)

KULR Technology Corporation, California (NT)

L3 Harris Adaptive Methods Inc., Virginia (NT)

L3 Harris Corporation GCS,  Florida (T)

Harris Open Water Power, Massachusetts (NT)

L3 Technologies Chesapeake Science Corporation, Maryland (T)

LBI Inc., Connecticut (T)

Leidos Inc., Virginia (T)

Linden Photonics Inc., Massachusetts (T)

Liquid Robotics Inc., California (NT)

Lockheed Martin RMS, Virginia (T)

Long Wave Inc., Oklahoma (NT)

MagiQ Technologies, Massachusetts (NT)

Mainstream Engineering Corporation, Florida (NT)

Makai Ocean Engineering, Hawaii (NT)

ManTech Advanced Systems International (ManTech), Virginia (T)

Marine Acoustics Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Marine Ventures International Inc., Florida (NT)

Maritime Applied Physics Corporation, Maryland (NT)

Maritime Planning Associates Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Martin Defense Group, Hawaii (NT)

Massa Products Corporation, Massachusetts (T)

Materials Sciences, LLC, Pennsylvania (NT)

MATSYS Inc., Virginia (NT)

McCormick Stevenson Corporation, Florida (NT)

McLaughlin Research Corporation, Connecticut (NT)

MBDA Incorporated, Alabama (T)

Metron Inc., Virginia (T)

MI Technical Solutions, Virginia (NT)

Michigan Technological University, Michigan (T)

Mide Technology Corporation, Massachusetts (NT)

Mikel Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Mistral Inc., Maryland (NT)

Moebius Solutions Inc., California (NT)

Monterey Technologies Inc., Utah (T)

Moog Inc. Space & Defense Group, New York (T)

MRV Systems LLC, California (NT)

MSI Transducers Corp., Massachusetts (NT)

NAG, LLC (dba NAG Marine), Alabama (T)

Nautilus Cables LLC, Texas (NT)

Nautilus Defense LLC, Rhode Island (NT)

Navmar Applied Sciences, Pennsylvania (NT)

NCS Technologies Inc., Virginia (NT)

NKT Photonics Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

NortekUSA Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Northern Defense Industries, LLC, Virginia (NT)

Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, Maryland (T)

Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, Minnesota (T)

Ocean Power Technologies Inc., New Jersey (NT)

Ocean Specialists Inc., Florida (NT)

Oceaneering International Inc., Maryland (T)

Opal Soft Inc., California (T)

OptoKnowledge, California (T)

ORBIS Sibro Inc., South Carolina (NT)

Ordnance Technology Service Inc., Ohio (NT)

Pacific Engineering Inc., Nebraska (NT)

Palantir USG Inc., California (NT)

PCCI, Inc., Virginia (NT)

Persistent Systems LLC, New York (NT)

Phoenix International Holdings Inc., Maryland (T)

Photonic Systems Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Physical Optics Corp., California (NT)

Physical Sciences Inc., Massachusetts (T)

Platform Systems Inc., Maryland (NT)

Precise Systems Inc., Maryland (T)

Prescient Edge Corporation, Virginia (T)

Probus Test Systems Inc., New Jersey (T)

Product Development Associates, Minnesota (NT)

Production Systems Automation, Pennsylvania (NT)

Progeny Systems Corporation, Virginia (NT)

Prometheus Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Pure Watercraft Inc, Washington (NT)

PURVIS Systems Incorporated, Rhode Island (NT)

QorTek, Inc., Pennsylvania (NT)

Raytheon BBN Technologies Group, Massachusetts (T)

Raytheon IDS, Rhode Island (T)

Raytheon Missile Systems, Arizona(T)

RCT Systems Inc., Maryland (NT)

Real-Time Innovations, California (NT)

Research and Development Solutions Inc., Virginia (T)

Ride Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Rite Solutions Inc., Connecticut (NT)

RJE International Inc., California (NT)

Saab Defense and Security USA, New York (T)

Saft America Inc., Maryland (T)

SAILDRONE Inc., California (NT)

Saltenna LLC., Virginia (NT)

SCI Technology Inc., Alabama (T)

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Virginia (T)

Scientific Research Corporation, Georgia (T)

Scientific Systems Co. Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Sea Machines Robotics Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

SeaTrac Systems Inc., Massachusetts, (NT)

Sechan Electronics Inc., Pennsylvania (NT)

Sedna Digital Solutions, Virginia (NT)

Sellers and Associates, Virginia (T)

Serco Inc, Rhode Island (T)

Sertainty Corporation, Tennessee (NT)

Sierra Nevada Corp, Nevada (T)

Signal Systems Corp, Maryland (NT)

Solute Inc., California, (NT)

Sonalysts Inc., Connecticut (T)

Sonardyne Inc., Texas (NT)

Sonatech LLC, California (NT)

Southwest Research Institute, Texas (T)

Sparton Deleon Springs LLC, Florida (T)

SRC Inc., New York (T)

SRI International, California (T)

Sterling Design Inc., California (NT)

Submergence Group, LLC, Connecticut (NT)

SubSeaSail LLC, California (NT)

SubUAS LLC, New Jersey (NT)

Sunfish Inc., Texas (NT)

Syntonics LLC, Maryland (T)

SyQwest Inc., Rhode Island (NT)

Systems & Technology Research, LLC, Massachusetts (NT)

Systems Engineering Associates Corp (dba SEA CORP), Rhode Island (NT)

Systems Planning and Analysis Inc., Virginia (T)

Systima Technologies Inc., Washington (NT)

Tech Resources, Inc., New Hampshire (NT)

Teledyne Benthos, Massachusetts (NT)

Teledyne Brown Engineering, Alabama (T)

Teledyne Energy Systems Inc., Maryland (NT)

Texas Research Institute Austin Inc., Texas (NT)

ThayerMahan Inc., Connecticut (NT)

The Ascendancy Group, Virginia (NT)

The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc., Massachusetts (T)

The Metamorphosis Group Inc., Virginia (NT)

The NOMAD Group, LLC, New Jersey (NT)

Thornton Tomasetti Inc., Washington, D.C. (NT)

Torch Technologies Inc., Alabama (NT)

Toyon Research Corporation, California (NT)

Trident Research LLC, Texas (NT)

Trident Systems Incorporated, Virginia (NT)

Tridentis, LLC, Virginia (NT)

Triton Systems, Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems Inc., Massachusetts (NT)

UnderSea Sensor Systems Inc. (USSI), Indiana (T)

University of California San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, California (T)

University of Connecticut, Connecticut (T)

University of Dayton, Ohio (T)

University of Florida, Florida (NT)

University of Houston – Cullen College of Engineering, Texas (T)

University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island (NT)

University of South Alabama, Alabama (NT)

University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi (T)

Urban Electric Power Inc., New York (NT)

VACCO Industries, California (T)

Venator Solutions, LLC, California (NT)

Ventus Executive Solutions LLC, Virginia (NT)

Visionary Products Inc. (dba VPI Technologies), Utah (NT)

VMware Inc., California (NT)

W. S. Darley and Company, Illinois (T)

Ward Leonard CT LLC, Connecticut (NT)

White River Technologies, Massachusetts (NT)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts (NT)

World Wide Technology, Missouri (NT)

W R Systems, Ltd., Virginia (NT)

WPI Services, LLC, DBA Systecon North America, Florida (NT)