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The Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium (UTIC) welcomes organizations to become members of the growing national community of technology practitioners who are part of the rich undersea and maritime technology domain responding to the needs of national security and defense. UTIC members work collaboratively with the US Government to develop and transition innovative undersea and maritime technologies to meet critical needs of our country, our allies and most importantly the men and women who defend our nation.

Information on how to obtain a DD2345.

Training video on the DD2345 process.

The  Consortium represents a united undersea and maritime industry voice, breaking down barriers to growth by identifying and integrating undersea and maritime technology resources and opportunities, and providing the environment to collaborate on innovative solutions. Our strong and cohesive undersea and maritime community provides Consortium members the opportunity to identify and advance technologies that can rapidly and affordably integrate into government mission areas. This ultimately results in the innovative growth of the domain, establishing our maritime and undersea members as a recognized national resource, and enhancing long term prospects for continued growth and vitality of our national undersea and maritime technology community.

The Consortium welcomes academia, large and small businesses including traditional or non-traditional defense contractors, and not-for-profit entities.  Through the Consortium our members pursue and perform R&D prototyping efforts in undersea and maritime technology areas cited in NUWC’s Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Agreement for Undersea Technology Innovation.  Together we coalesce, strengthen and grow the undersea and maritime technology domain, resulting in expanded business opportunities with current customers as well as new market potential with current and future government customers.

Membership Dues

Membership Dues. UTIC Members will pay dues every January 1st in the amounts listed as follows: $1,500 for large businesses and $500 for all others (small businesses, academic institutions, nonprofit organization, and Affiliate Members). New Members will pay pro-rated dues payable upon initial acceptance of membership and then annual dues thereafter. The pro-rated dues structure, based upon the date of initial application acceptance, is as follows:
Large Business: 
a) January through December – $1,500
b) July through December – $750

All others:
a) January through December – $500
b) July through December – $250 Small Business

Administration (SBA) size standards will be used to determine business size. Small business size standards define the largest that a business concern, including all of its affiliates, may be and yet qualify as a small business concern for SBA and most other federal programs.

Membership Application

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium, please first read the UTIC Consortium Membership Agreement and the UTIC Base Agreement, and then submit the UTIC Membership Application – links to these documents are below. Any questions can be referred to