Research and Prototyping


UTIC’s programs create awareness and prepare our members to take advantage of research/prototyping opportunities in undersea and maritime technology. Together we can grow, apply and retain the rich talent to support the research needs of the Department of Defense.

Academic-Nonprofit Undersea Technology Research Resource

We have developed an Academic-Nonprofit Research resource which highlights ONR and Navy funded research – view our interactive database now.

Industry Days – Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium Other Transaction Authority (OTA)   – held twice a year.

The Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium (UTIC)b will hold a UTIC OTA Industry Day twice a year.   Navy technical leaders will discuss their undersea and maritime technology topics that will be released under the OTA Agreement with UTIC.

PLEASE NOTE: These events are for UTIC members only and are Distribution D restricted. All attendees must be U.S. citizens, and must bring personal documentation the day of the event to verify citizenship (i.e. a valid U.S. passport; or a U.S. based birth certificate AND a valid picture ID, U.S. based driver’s license, or Government issued contractor CAC card.)